Excellent heat transfer and recovery efficiency with full traceability, RS-eco Series Reflow Oven is no longer a black box.

  • Industry 4.0 ready
  • What you set is what you get
  • Smart jet nozzle design
  • Longer effective heating length
  • Dual lane, dual speed, dual profile
  • Eco-friendly & easy maintenance
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    Automated profiling system (OEM by KIC)
    • For traceability (Industry 4.0 ready): e-APS or PROBOT
    • Eliminate expensive periodic manual profiling
    • e-APS: 1 hour 1 profile; PROBOT: 1 PCB 1 profile
    • Reduce production downtime
    • A complete thermal profile management with full traceability
    Center board support (CBS) system
    • Minimize the chances of PCB drops
    • Support large PCBs
    Automatic CBS adjustment
    • Programmable
    Automatic conveyor width adjustment
    • Standard conveyor width adjustment method: Motorized
    Dual lane conveyor & dual speed
    • Increase productivity
    • Simultaneous reflow for products with different requirements
    Upgrade maximum conveyor width to 610 mm
    • Standard maximum conveyor width: 460 mm
    • For larger PCBs
    Upgrade maximum set temperature to 350°C
    • Standard maximum set temperature: 300°C
    • For higher required temperature
    MES software (i4.0)
    • Track & record the parameters of the production

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