SMD Splice tape ( Băng dính nối cuộn liệu linh kiện SMD )


Splice tape is a kind of tape that used to connect the electronic components to reduce the downtime of
the patch machine, while saving time and improving the overall cost effectiveness

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  • Single side Splice tape

    The single side splice tape has various models,which is usually used combined with the splice pliers and the splice copper buckles.The skilled staff can also use the four – sided splice tape to bind tape,which is relatively cheap.

    Product structure: using of four tape combination
    Tape color: yellow,blue,black
    Width: 8mm/12mm/16mm/24mm
    Optional: anti-static (black), not anti-static

    1.With the splicing way of splice splier+splice copper bukles,
    the splice tape is It is suitable for any type and any width of
    the tape,and can also be used for the connection of loose
    2. Improve process effiiency.
    3. Easy to operate and save labor.
    4. Reliability, high precision.
    5. Make full use of surplus materials

    Double side Splice tape

    This type of splice tape is suitable for the model: JUKI, YAMAHA, panasonic, Fuji, samsung, Siemens, Hitachi, etc


    Product structure: composed of two tapes, The positioning
    hole is pressed on the edge of the product.
    Tape color: yellow, blue, black
    Width: 8mm/12mm/16mm/24mm/32mm/44mm
    Length: 40mm
    Optional: anti-static (black),not anti-static

    Universal Splice tape

    Univeral splice tape with high demand that suitable for Panasonic, Siemens,Universal and other chip models


    Product structure: composed of four tapes, two of which can
    be effectively applied to the World, JUKI, Sanyo, Hitachi and
    other models.
    Tape color: yellow, blue, black
    Width: 8mm
    Optional: anti-static (black), not anti-static.


    Using edge positioning design,positioning fast,high accuracy for splicing.
    Splicing design:19 series of splice tape with no need of any auxiliary tools and can easily complete the feeding process by the positioning side.

    Special Splice tape

    Applicable to Panasonic 402,602 , NPM and other high-speed models


    Product structure: The overall design idea is to completely cover the surface of the SMT tape hole with the splice tape,and it can be effectively used in the Panasonic CM402 Proline-RoadRunner surface mount platform for automated programming implant.
    Tape color: yellow,blue,black
    Width: 8mm
    Optional: anti-static (black),not anti-static


    The product adopts edge positioning design, which can easily complete the splicing process by using the positioning edge and with no need of any auxiliary tools. The design of the diagonal triangle is easy to fly.

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