Columbia/Okura announces miniPAL mobile palletizer

Update: 04/02/2020
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UR’s ATX booth 4815 is the launch pad for OEM partner Columbia/Okura’s miniPAL,a mobile palletizer product powered by the UR10e cobot arm. The flexible miniPAL with a footprint of 11’x13’ can palletize at two pallet locations for operation. The latest design showcased at ATX includes two safety mats and two area scanners that detect when people enter the work envelope, allowing the system to meet higher speeds when not in collaborative mode. The system plugs into 110V AC wall power.

With almost 25 years of robotic palletizing experience, Columbia/Okura is ready to assist in providing automated solutions for cliens needs. The system will be in action at ATX Anaheim, CA, booth # 4815.

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