Optris announces CTratio 1M and 2M quotient pyrometers

Update: 04/02/2020
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Optris has developed a ratio pyrometer. Quotient pyrometers are designed to provide constant measurement results even with a dirty lens or for objects that move within the measurement area (e.g. metal rods or wires).

The concept is based on the previous CTratio, which has been used in many installations, with fiber optic lens and separate processing electronics.

The addition of a model with spectral sensitivity at 1.45-1.75 μm (2M) now allows measurements to be made from as low as 250° C. The models were also expanded upwards by calibration methods – a maximum of 3000 °C can now be measured.

The quotient pyrometer’s measurement error is 0.5 percent. Due to the adjusting time of 1 ms, fast processes can also be monitored.

A highlight of the CTratio is the targeting laser used now, with a wavelength of 520 nm. For temperature analysis, Optris supplies the software Ratio Connect as standard, which can detect and evaluate temperature measurement data. The user can set also parameters for the device easily in-situ, or via the standard USB interface and the free Android app IRmobile.

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